Out with the old, in with the nothing

As the New Year approaches, I and pretty much everyone else who follows this Roman calendar (it is the Roman calendar, right? Fact-checking is for squares) is thinking of ways to better themselves. It’s probably human nature that pushes us to at least think about self-improvement, but I’m no psychologist.

My problem, and I believe most people’s problem, is that we only really think about it, but the follow-through is usually lacking. I mean, why should I try to write a short story if there is an episode of EMBARASSINGSHOWX that I haven’t watched yet? Besides, future-me has written a short story already AND it won a prize in some contest that I will eventually research and find. So there’s no point in doing it NOW, since it’s destined to happen. Don’t fuck with destiny.

This is, more or less, actually my thought process. Future-me is the shit. And it’s cool that I’m going to be her someday. Present-me is lazy, and, strangely, getting older every day. Thank you, gray hairs, for reminding me not-so-subtly of my mortality.

So my (rhetorical) question is: How do I light a fire under my ass?

Preferably not literally.

2011 is MY year. I claimed it, so don’t even bother trying.


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