Scrabble Rabble


So, I’ve always considered myself kind of a wordie (like a foodie, but with words. Also, I’m a foodie, but I mostly just say that to justify my binges). I like learning new words. I like etymology. I like learning about morphemes and phonemes. My favorite paper I ever wrote was about language’s loss of meaning in post-modern literature. Blah blah blah smart people things blah.*


The Holy Grail

I’ve grown attached to the iPhone app “Words with Friends,” and I am getting SCHOOLED by several different people. Constantly. Constant schooling. Where are you going, Lisa? Oh, I’m going to SCHOOL, but not alone; someone’s TAKING ME TO SCHOOL.

Words are supposed to be MY thing, so why am I being crushed by my engineer and math-minded sister? It’s untoward, I tells ya!

The worst, though, is my coworker who destroys me be about 100 points every single time. I even had the Z and the Q last game. BOTH.

The third game we played was prefaced by a friendly, “I’m gonna give ya tips this time…” followed later by a “You’re getting better” with a little thumbs up emoticon. First of all, how do you make a thumbs up emoticon? Secondly, that makes me pride burn something fierce.

Now, logically I know that prowess at Scrabble really has nothing to do with your vocabulary, since a well-placed “za” can take you over the edge. Still, WHY CAN’T I BE GOOD AT ANYTHING?!

* I’m well aware that my writing doesn’t really reflect this, but I have been going through a period of intense dumbening (waaait, that’s not how you spell ‘dumbening.’ WAIT! Dumbening’s not even a word). I’m going to blame the Los Angeles smog for this, but in reality it’s probably some sort of metaphor-based defense mechanism to protect me from…life? Whatever. Shut up.

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