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Who’s the boss?

What’s this? Another gym-related post? You betcha. Enjoy the ride, my precious blueberries.

As I think I may have said, when you go to the gym at a fairly regular time, you notice the people who are generally there the same time as you (this can sometimes lead to some awkward social interactions when you see this people outside of the gym. Do I say hi? I mean, we’ve spent time sweating and panting near each other. There’s a sort of intimacy in that. But I digress). Well, starting about a month ago, this teenaged kid started coming around the same time I do.

The kid looks exactly like my boss. Like exactly.

Younger, yes. Shorter, yes. Pimplier, yes. Also decidedly less buff. But it’s definitely his doppleganger. Down to the curve of the lip and the haircut. If I ever heard him speak, I bet he’d say the word “bro” a lot. That’s how alike they are.

Usually he comes in after I have already starting doing my thang. So I watch him from afar as he fiddles with weight-lifting machines. Not creepily watch, mind, just an occasional curiosity-filled glance

But the other day we came in at the same time. It was the strangest thing; I held the door open for him. My eyes were sheepishly downcast. I patiently waited for him to put his stuff in the cubbyhole before I did. Weird stuff, and it probably speaks a lot about my work dynamic, which I guess I should re-evaluate at another time. Anyway, he noticed my deference and I think I think I was, like, awkwardly hitting on him.

Another successful interaction with a man!