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I’d trip me over that ottoman…

So I was browsing youtube on a Friday night (as I am wont to do–the social life is lacking as of right now), and I came across this snippet from my childhood:

Fact: it’s impossible to see a chimney sweep dance and not be happy. Try. If you’re not happy it’s because you didn’t have a childhood, and then I feel bad for you. Or you’re jealous that you can’t kick your knees up and step in time. Practice and you’ll get it.

But man, Dick Van Dyke. Am I right, ladies?


As a kid, I used to stay up late watching The Dick Van Dyke Show (along with many other classic TV shows, which, I believe, is one of the reasons that I’m so awesome now). Couple that with the all-around amazingness that is Bert the Friendly Neighborhood Chimney Sweep, and you have just created the perfect man.

No wonder I’m single now. No one can live up to that.