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Let us reflect for a moment on the awesomeness that is the song “Fuck You” by the magnificent Cee Lo Green.

You may have heard the radio edit “Forget You,” but FORGET THAT. You listen to this song for one reason only: to cathartically scream “fuck you!” with as much venom and derisiveness as you can muster.

Over the past couple of months, this song has been my go-to attitude anthem. I sing it out of anger and desperation and sadness. It’s perfect. Consequently, I’m a little in love with Mr. Green. Emotional collateral damage.

The beauty is that you can adapt the lyrics to almost any situation.

Take, for example, this line in the chorus:

I guess the change in my pocket

Wasn’t enough. I’m like,

Fuck you!

“Change in my pocket” can serve as a metaphor for almost any unpleasant situation.

Cutting me off on the highway

Was the last straw, I’m like,

Fuck you!

Or, for personal matters:

I guess my unrelenting awesomeness

Wasn’t enough. I’m like,

Fuck you!

That’s right, folks. Next time you’re feeling down, happiness is just a song away. Roll down the windows of your car and scream “FUCK YOU” to every single asshole who has ever let you down. Even if it’s just the dude going slowly in the fast lane.