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I’m bored. So I thought it would be fun to write a “time capsule” post, schedule it to be published at some point in the future, and forget about it.


So what else is going on in the future? Are there flying cars? Did “Ice Cream of the Future” ever really take off outside of amusement parks? Probably not, since we’re talking months into the future, not years. But technology moves so fast nowadays that it’s really hard to tell.

Is Bruno Mars still big? I think his songs are catchy, but I’m not sure they have staying power.

I might be a little drunk right now. But it’s a classy drunk. Business drunk. Either way, it’s still safe to drive.

God, I thought this idea of writing to myself would have more…more oomph, I guess. But there’s no momentum here.

Well, future Lisa, I guess all I have to say is: Wear sunscreen more. You’re starting to wrinkle.