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This post is a waste of time

Bonjour, my precious blueberries. I haven’t updated in forever and a half (not that anyone really cares), but I just…well, I think my brain shut down.

Yesterday, I was a walking zombie. I think I groaned at people when they talked to me. I bathed in coffee, hoping that the caffeine molecules would permeate my cells, but no dice. An inexplicable bout of insomnia has taken over my life. I can’t shut off my brain at night. But it’s not in a smart, overworked genius kind of way, like the Beautiful Mind dude. It’s the dumb kind. Can you O.D. on melatonin pills? Probably. Will it make my skin darker? Nope, google says that melanin. SCIENCE.

But TODAY, I’m like not tired at all. In fact, I’m considering taking a bathroom break with my iPod so I can have a little dance party. It’s risky though, because there’s another girl in the location today. Whatever, if she walks in, I can probably play it off like it’s stretching.

Well, I’m Audi 5000. I hope I have something interesting to say eventually. But did I really ever? (Hint: no).