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Talk nerdy to me?

You know how when people talk about nerdy girls, the pop-culture image that may spring to mind is some hot chick with thick glasses wearing a shirt that says “Talk Nerdy To Me?” Yeah, no.


I’m not saying I’m the nerdiest chick out there (I only had two 80s in pre-Cataclysm WoW, after all). But nerdiness is a state of being that’s impossible to shake. It warps your core and makes you less palatable to the normal adult population, so you try to hide it. But even though you may have a big-adult job and wear clothes that aren’t hoodies and wear make-up and read the news and watch art-house movies, you can still have text conversations with your friends that go like this:

(Like last time, this chick’s name isn’t Mabel I just like to start a story out with the line, “So I says to Mabel, I says…”)

Mabel: Why do male nerds wear ponytails? Is it because of the Jedi?
Me: Ponytails are a hotbed for midichlorians.
Mabel: Lol. Isn’t that what’s responsible for the “dark side”?
Me: No! It’s the Force. Duh.
Mabel: Sorry…after seeing the prequels, I drank enough until everything created by Lucas was erased.
Me: Meesa getting drunk!
Mabel: I feel hungover right now.
Me: Talking to me will do that.
Mabel: Guess what artist I am listening to
Me: …BSB?
Mabel: No
Me: Well?
Mabel: REO

(Also, I should note that I think Mabel and I are the only members of REO Speedwagon’s current fanbase. REPRESENT!)

Nerd out.