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So it’s come to this…

For most sports, though I pledge my loyalty to my hometown (Cleveland), I am actually what people would call a “fair-weather fan”. Things only seem interesting when there’s something at stake, like playoffs. Who has time to be a die-hard fan of anything? There’s other TV to watch and (theoretically) people to see! Being from Cleveland, this doesn’t actually mean I spend a lot of time or mental energy on sports. The Indians were good for a bit there, and that was a laugh. The Browns kind of suck at life, but that’s cool because I don’t really understand football’s appeal. The Cavs were awesome for a while, and, admittedly, that took up a lot of my time and interest in the spring.

Which brings me to the game tonight: Cavs vs. Miami Heat. Holy shit; it’s a mid-season game that I actually care about watching! If you’re even at all knowledgeable about the goings-on in basketball, you know that Cleveland’s bread-and-butter, LeBron James, “betrayed” us to play with his bffs down in sunny Miami. Did you see how I used quotes around the word betrayed there? I totally did.

Now I’m as “hurt” (there I go again!) as anyone that LeBron isn’t with Cleveland anymore and he was kind of a dick about how he left, but I didn’t burn any effigies, because I’m classier than that. It’s almost kind of a relief–maybe I’ll read a book this spring! Maybe my Lakers-fans coworkers will start taunting me and we can share a common enemy! Maybe I can go back to being ashamed that I’m from Cleveland instead of projecting this weird pride. Pride is alien to the Midwest. Except maybe Chicago.

All that said, it will still be fucking awesome to see him get booed in the place that made him. Mwahahaha. And Miami is stupid. It’s a stupid place. Everyone knows this. Enjoy the heat (oh God, did you see that pun?!).

ETA: Wow…embarrassing.