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Et tu, Beatles?

Friends, Romans, music-listeners, lend me your ears!

I speak to you today because we, as a collection of music-listeners–for yea, I know not one man who does not don headphones nor at least sit betwixt car stereo speakers–must re-appropriate songs from our troubled pasts. Far too often are good songs interred with the proverbial bones of a bad relationship. Too often are entire playlists cast off like mutineers.  No more!

Music is not insidious; our memories are. Music is our faithful friend and should not be punished for holding steadfast during the tumultuous times of our lives.  As one cannot tether the wind, one must not chain good music to bad memories.

So I implore you to sit through what once was “your” song (how could a song be “his” or “yours” when notes can belong to no man?). Sing along to songs that once brought forth tears. With time, good people, I assure you, the memories will unlatch their unholy grasp from our music collections and our iPods can play freely once more.