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The strange and confusing blogosphere…

And I hate myself for using the word “blogosphere.” I feel unclean, like I need a neti pot for the mind.

Anyway, last time I wrote a little thing about nerds. It was short and not altogether interesting. An expert could call it “filler.” Do I love that little text conversation I had with my friend “Mabel”? Sure. And the world should know that there are still REO Speedwagon fans out there. But I thought the post would go largely unnoticed.

And yet, that it has gotten the most hits that any single post of mine has gotten (which is still…not very many at all). Apparently it comes up sometimes when people search for “nerdy girl” or “hot nerdy girl.”

Frankly, I’m embarrassed y’all (I’m not from the South, but I like to throw a “y’all” in now and again). Someone’s trying to fill their wank bank with pictures of hot nerdy girls and all they get is me pontificating on midichlorians and extolling the virtues of REO Speedwagon. I bet they left my site all angry and their lust unsatisfied. SORRY!

Also, I think I’ve used the term “hot nerdy girl” enough in this entry to warrant more pageviews. But I want to test this out: Hot nerdy girl. Hot nerdy girl. Hot nerdy girl! HOT NERDY GIRL! Woah, what’s that? Why, it’s a hot nerdy girl! Surely, it’s not a hot nerdy girl? My name isn’t Shirley, but YES, it’s a hot nerdy girl!

Let the experiment begin!

(Yo, dudes (and ladies), now that you’re here. Feel free to stick around. Or don’t. Whatevs.)