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I’m Like Stevie Wonder: Very Superstitious

Have you ever made a wish at 11:11? I do all the time. Well, not all the time. I don’t complsively wait until it’s 11:11 so that I can make a wish. But if I look at a clock and it’s 11:11, then I’ll do it (this happens more often than you might think, actually). And, yeah, if it’s 11:10, then I might wait a minute to do it.

Do I believe that wishes come true? God, no. I’m not a crazy person. Well, I am, but not completely. If something I wish for comes true (like when I was unemployed, I’m sure I wished for a job at least once), I never attribute it to wishing or magic–more like luck or skill, so I have no idea why I do this. But I have to wish. And I have to follow this ritual as I do it:

The second it turns/I realize it’s 11:11, I say my wish. Then I have the chant it in my head for the entire minute until it turns 11:12: “I wish XYZ. I wish XYZ. I wish XYZ.” The second the clock turns, I stop the chant, even if I’m in the middle of it. Of course, if the time changes right when I’m at the end of my sentence, then I win. (Win what? The Crazy Award, of course).
It’s almost like prayer.

Speaking of prayer: I don’t consider myself a religious person anymore. I call myself agnostic because I’m too lazy to be anything else. Anyway, a Catholic upbringing made me believe as a child that if I prayed, bad things might not happen to me. Because of my superstitions, there are still two cases in which I always pray: airplanes and roller coasters. It’s just a quick “God, please don’t let this airplane/roller coaster crash. Amen.” But it’s important that I do it. I prayed the first time I ever got on an airplane/roller coaster, and I haven’t crashed yet. What if I stop and then that’s the one that crashes? I can’t take that chance. Specious reasoning? You betcha!

I also believe that if I picture a specific event happening to me, then it won’t happen. This mostly only applies to good things (although, like I said, I’ve never been in a plane crash). I imagine the cute guy is going to ask for my number? Not going to happen. I imagine my boss pulling me aside and giving me a raise? No way that’s going to happen. The clearler the picture in my head, the more sure I am that it won’t come true, and, sadly, I have yet to be proven wrong. So I try never to imagine good things happening to me, and I often try to imagine worst case scenarios. That might be superstition, but it also might be psychosis.

There’s probably a fine line between the two anyway.