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Work ethic? Your MOM has work ethic!

I am the biggest procrastinator on the entire planet. For serious. I’m procrastinating right now. You could say, “Oh, but Lisa, at least you’re writing something. You’re not just sitting and staring into space or at youtube videos, which amounts to pretty much the same thing.” 

I guess you’re right, person I just made up. But I had a much more thoughtful post in mind to write next, but I’ll probably never get to that. So much the better for everyone. Also, I should be working on this application thing because things are slow at work, but NOPE. I decided to LITERALLY JUST STARE at the Slate homepage. It’s cool though. It’s not like the thing I’m supposed to be working on has ANY BEARING ON MY FUTURE CAREER. Nah. What I’m doing now is totes important too.

Even at home, I’m procrastinating from watching the last season of Battlestar Galactica. Why? I enjoyed the first three seasons, and the third season ended with a big shebang that left me on the edge of my seat, but not literally because that never happens. And I have people who want to discuss it with me. Eager nerds wanting to talk about cylons and shit. But nope. Instead I’m watching Futurama for the billionth time. (Team Zoidberg!)

I probably won’t go to the gym tomorrow either. I’ll probably say to myself, “Oh yeah, well, I deserve a break after work. I’ll go after my appointment thing.” But then I totally won’t. I’m a liar. I lie to myself. Compulsively.

Finally, I can’t even be bothered thinking of a clever ending for this. I mean, how could I? My brain right now is thinking about oatmeal. I want to make oatmeal, but the hot water is, like waaaay over there. Why did I start this thing if I can’t finish it? What should I say? Should this whole thing end positively or just kind of trail off? I’m leaning toward the trail off…